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    88== How to request a new user agent ==
    9 According to the [wiki:XMLRPC API documentation], you need a !UserAgent string, if you will not fill valid !UserAgent, you will get error.
    11 ONLY for testing and developing purposes you can use special user agent "!TemporaryUserAgent". Never use this UA as default/public/in production code, we periodically change this and your APP will stop work! Also don't abuse usage of this test user agent.
    12 ''!TemporaryUserAgent have limit 5 search results only, so you need to register your own User Agent, !TemporaryUserAgent is used just for developing your code in meantime, until you register your own User Agent.''
     10! API is deprecated and not possible to register new user agents anymore, we plan to turn off ! API by the end of 2023. Please use new, stable ready-to-use [ Open Subtitles REST API] instead.
    14 IF you need to download bulk sets of subtitles, User Agent will not help you. There is [ limitation] per day for downloads per IP/User.
    16 For registering your own user agent follow these instructions:
    18 Please first register as an user on, if you will ask for UA as not registered, your mail will be ignored. You can choose your own useragent name (there is not guarantee you will have it, because somebody could register same name of UA before you), and please choose  version number as required. An example of a valid !UserAgent (you pass it there with version!) in XML-RPC would be something like: '''My Application v0.1''' (please avoid using a weird version numbering, such as v2r1, because we're parsing version using regexp).
    20 IMPORTANT: If you are developing wrapper/module/script, which will use OTHER DEVELOPERS, never put there your !UserAgent there as default. It is important, every application/program/script will have own UA.
    22 Please fill the following form and email it to: admin at with the subject "Register User Agent Request". You will then get a confirmation mail, we are adding UAs manually yet, so it can take couple of days, if you think it is taking too long, contact us again.
    24 {{{
    25 Required info
    26 =============
    27 Your name: your real name
    28 Your registered OS username: your username on
    29 Contact mail: your mail
    30 Title of useragent: your name of useragent
    31 Version of useragent: for example: v1
    32 Programming language: C++/Java/PHP/Python...
    33 Approximate users of program: how many approx. users are using your program?
    34 Opensource: yes/no
    35 Upload feature: yes/no/maybe in future
    38 Optional info
    39 =============
    40 Application URL: where is possible find homepage of application
    41 Developer URL: developers homepage
    42 }}}
    44 If you provide an application URL, and subtitles are uploaded through your application in future, your application URL will appear on the details page for those subtitles. If you also provide a Developer URL, a link will point to your homepage instead of your profile page on opensubtitles. For example, this is html for !SubDownloader on subtitle [ details page]:
    46 {{{
    47 Uploaded by <a target='_blank' href=''>Subdownloader 1.2.4</a> developed by <a href=''>capiscuas</a>
    48 }}}
    50 Please also send an email when your application goes public, or to let us know if you want to test it with us first.
    5213== Implementing support ==