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Generation 2

G2V10.1 - 02.04.2008 19:32:16 [Majky]

  • this is a bug-fix release
  • fixed a bug in hash calculation for files 4GB+, it's recommended to delete the cache database (cache\movies.omc)
  • temporarily removed sorting from content view, caused problems, will be fixed later

G2V10 - 17.02.2008 17:03:34 [Majky]

  • added persistent caching mechanism for video info
    • should significantly improve repeated loading of video files
    • also stores IMDb IDs
    • cache is stored in the CACHE subdirectory
  • added subtitle file language detection when manually adding subtitle files
    • detection results are not 100%, detection takes 1-2 seconds :(
    • n-gram files are stored in LOCALE subdirectory, only a few are stored there for now, filename must match language ISO code
    • must be enabled in the "Preferences" tab, switched off by default
  • added sorting to 'Download' view
  • added .INI option to save window position
  • added simple instructions for download/upload to right-click menu
  • fixed a bug loading certain MicroDVD subtitle files in "Show"
  • updated imdb.ini

G2V9 - 18.10.2007 20:55:12 [Majky]

  • added update of translations from remote OSDb server
  • translation updates are available after clicking the language combobox in the right upper corner of application and selecting '...' from the list
  • UTF-8 isn't natively supported by the application (and adding it would require a major overhaul) so I'm afraid 'chinese' and similar won't work
  • don't try to update a translation that's currently selected in UI!

G2V8 - 10.07.2007 16:25:27 [Majky]

  • improved xml-rpc module, fixed a few memory leaks too
  • improved proxy support in XML-RPC, basic/digest/NTLM worked fine when testing, comments welcome
  • debugging messages are enabled in this release to help in identifying proxy support problems
  • IMDb class still uses InternetOpenURL() Win32 API function to connect to IMDb, this might be changed later if requested (proxy support)

G2V7 - 05.06.2007 18:47:37 [Majky]

  • added 'Search by IMDb ID' for movie (uses HTTP, not much error/exception handling yet)
  • search limit raised to 50

G2V6 - 23.04.2007 15:19:57 [Majky]

  • added usage of CheckSubHash?() xml-rpc API function in 'Upload'
  • added button to unselect all languages in 'Preferences'
  • added more video file types (divx, mkv, ogm, mpg)
  • available command-line options: /search, /upload, @, /ilang, /server

/ilang:sk - start GUI in slovak language /server:1 - set remote OSDb server to first one in the list in 'Preferences'

e.g. "oscar.exe /search movie1.avi /upload movie2.avi @movies.omh" will add movie1.avi to 'Download' view, movie2.avi to 'Upload' view and also import video list movies.omh into 'Upload' view

"/upload" acts like a switch, all options appearing after it on the command line will be added to 'Upload' view

  • IMDb class: added 'Rating' and logging of actions
  • re-designed IMDb class, made some improvements, changes

G2V5 - 03.04.2007 16:18:00 [Majky]

  • limit when searching for subtitles on OSDb server, only 15 video files at once
  • save log to file
  • 'Add IMDb IDs where possible' function when updating (calls function CheckMovieHash?() on OSDb server), no multi-threading yet
  • fixed some nasty mix-ups in toolbar buttons, all should be ok now
  • checked multi-language support and fixed all the problems I found
  • fixing bugs as I encounter them
  • started experimenting with proxy support, sorry if anything stopped working

G2V4 - 28.03.2007 19:01:54 [Majky]

  • added custom User-Agent when communicating with remote OSDb server
  • default directory when adding subtitle files in upload set to movie dir
  • log auto-scroll to last entry
  • .INI setting OutputTemplate? renamed to SubFileTemplate?
  • detect of subtitle files already on local HDD (flag image is ghosted)
  • import/export for lists of video files (starting offline support)
  • multi-threading in manual connect/disconnect and upload
  • revamped popup menus and toolbars a bit
  • removed checkboxes from Upload content view (they are not needed)
  • added buttons to subtitle file preview, now under 'Show' in popup menu

G2V3 - 23.03.2007 17:19:15 [Majky]

  • I'm running extremely low on time these days so I've decided to release a 'feedback collection' version just to see what users think about it. This isn't finished by far, there are known issues/limitations that must be addressed but I still believe it's fairly usable.
  • added 'hints.txt' to give first-time users a few hints on how to use this
  • the 'Add subtitle file' is now working, just remember to select a video file first
  • fixed a few bugs as usual

G2V2 - 28.02.2007 19:00:15 [Majky]

  • started second generation (uploads)
  • added possibility to upload subtitle files to OSDb (very experimental, lotsa work to do with UI)
  • added another level in tree hierarchy: movie
  • added multi-threading when adding video files
  • added movie details form
  • added IMDb support
  • added 'Search' context menu for folders too
  • fixed a few bugs as usual, introduced many new ones, that's for sure
  • didn't update the multi-language support files yet
  • finally gave this puppy a name, now it's called OSCAR, might change though

Generation 1

G1V11 - 07.02.2007 12:17:48 [Majky]

  • more download options (currently available: one subtitle file, all for one video, all selected)
  • added video information (video codec, audio codec, length, fps)
  • added subtitle 'Preview' (for supported formats and only after download)
  • when setting output template in 'Preferences' a sample is displayed to help
  • fixed a few bugs as usual
  • sorry for the czech UI translation, I did my best ;)
  • this is the first public beta release, any bug reports/suggestions welcome

G1V10 - 04.02.2007 10:38:23 [Majky]

  • 'first-time application start' automatic detections added (proxy, language)
  • added Virtual Treeview usage, much better UI look ;)
  • user interface redesigned
  • redesigned OSDb servers configuration
  • this is an incomplete release (no more time):
    • multi-language files not updated
    • a few known bugs
    • no way to download selected/checked subtitles yet

G1V9 - 29.01.2007 19:09:45 [Majky]

  • 'auto-save preferences' is working now
  • one of the given OSDb servers can be now selected (more later)
  • changed/updated a few icons + other small design changes
  • improved multi-threading when communicating with remote server

G1V8 - 25.01.2007 15:54:23 [Majky]

  • added 'Search for subtitles' context menu tool (no removal yet)
  • OSDb class now supports GetSubLanguages?(), UI implementation is next
  • and we have an icon for the 'Detect proxy settings' button now
  • 'Download all subtitles' is finished now

G1V7.1- 24.01.2007 18:44:39 [Majky]

  • this is a quick bug-fix release
  • auto-detect proxy settings from IE (no icon for the buton yet)
  • 'Download all subtitle files' for chosen movie added
    • no messages, no log entries, no nothing, just files appearing on HDD
    • this will be completed later
    • this uses the newly added xml-rpc server subtitle file download method
  • fixed a bug in generating filename when downloading subtitle file
  • changed default subtitle filename template to include name of uploader

G1V7 - 23.01.2007 12:13:14 [Majky]

  • when saving preferences window size is saved (and restored on startup)
  • added various keyboard shortcuts
  • added more items to the popup menu
  • added more URL links to 'Subtitle file details' form (IMDb, Download)
  • added movie 'Release name' display in 'Subtitle file details' form
  • ratings are now colorized to indicate good/average/poor subtitle or movie
  • re-designed the 'Subtitle file details' form
  • changed 'Output directory' setting to 'Output template', see its hint for more info

supported placeholders: %VPATH%, %VNAME%, %LANG%, %LANG2%, %LANG3%, %USER% be careful when using this, still highly experimental, too many options

G1V6 - 22.01.2007 21:27:10 [Majky]

  • multi-language support (english, czech, slovak)
  • optional subtitle file output directory in 'Preferences'
  • 'Subtitle rating' is now displayed in the list
  • added URL link on the 'Subtitle details' form to point to web version
  • added possibility to drag-n-drop files/folders from Explorer
  • command-line parameter '/search' now also accepts folders (always recursive)
  • added button to display server info on the Preferences page
  • 'Date added' on subtitle details form is displayed now
  • 'Last used' directory (in add video dialog boxes) is saved along with 'Preferences' now