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Quick-start guide

We tried to make this application as user-friendly as possible. On the first start it will try to detect language used on your operating system and switch the user interface to this language (if available). It will also try to detect your proxy settings to enable online communication with the OSDb servers right away.

Once the application is started you can add your video files by either dragging them from Explorer or by clicking the 'Add video' or 'Add folder' buttons.

Once all the video files have been added press the 'Search for subtitles' button (magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner).

The application will connect to the remote OSDb server and ask for subtitle files for your videos. This might take some time but should be fast enough.

You can then browse thru them, select the ones you like most and download them to your local hard-disk drive.

Most of the functionality for downloading is in the popup menus accessible thru right-clicking on subtitle or video files. You can either check all the subtitles you want and then choose 'Download selected' or you can download one-by-one by right-clicking a specific subtitle file and choosing 'Download'.

Subtitle files are (by default) downloaded to the same directory as your video file and are renamed to match your video file. Most players should be able to find them and display them when you play your video file (tested on Media Player Classic). You can choose a different approach to this in the Preferences.