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Tips & tricks

  • When first started the application will try to auto-configure your settings (language, proxy settings, etc.), please review these before using it. For example, the auto-detect will select only one language to search for on OSDb server. If you want more languages, choose them manually in 'Preferences'.
  • The application uses an iconic user interface so it might take a little time to figure it out and get used to. Then you should be just fine and work as fast as you can. Remember there are hints when you move your mouse over a button (most of the time, some might be missing, that will be fixed)
  • One of the most important configuration options is the file name 'Template' so I've decided to provide:
    • a list of placeholders you can use:
      • %VPATH% - video file path
      • %VNAME% - video file name
      • %LANG% - language description (e.g. "English")
      • %LANG2% - language ISO639 alpha-2 code (e.g. "en")
      • %LANG3% - language ISO639 alpha-3 code (e.g. "eng")
      • %USER% - nickname of uploader
      • %ID% - unique identifier of subtitle file on OSDb server
    • and a few examples:
      • .\subtitles\%VNAME%.%LANG3% - will create a 'subtitles' subdirectory and load/save subtitles there using video filename and adding language ISO alpha-3 code
      • c:\subtitles\%VNAME%.%LANG3% - same as above but stores subtitle files in single directory (for all movies) c:\subtitles\

Also please be aware that this template setting is also used when adding files to be uploaded. So if you want everything to work smoothly, first name subtitle files you want to upload according to this setting.

  • When adding files (download or upload) the preferred, most simple and also most tested way is DRAG-N-DROP from Explorer or any file manager.
  • When trying to upload subtitle files:
    1. first select the language you want to use (only subtitle files matching given language and template setting) are automatically added to the list
    2. drag-n-drop files (preferrably a movie directory) to the 'Upload' window
    3. if you want to add subtitle files manually drag subtitle files onto a VIDEO FILE (not movie) or select a video file and click 'Add sutitle file' button.
  • BEWARE! There's is NO OVERWRITE PROMPT when downloading subtitle files yet!
  • I only consider as subtitle files these extensions: srt, sub. SSA, USF and other subtitle formats will be added later. If you're wondering why .TXT is not there it's because I'm boycotting this file extension as a subtitle file. TXT is for text files. PERIOD! This will NEVER change/be added!
  • When adding video files the application also reads video/audio information (including codecs) so it's a little slower. I'm not sure if this will be kept or removed. Suggestions are welcome.
  • I've encountered one .AVI that was actually able to break the reading of video/audio information and cause an exception rendering the application useless. I will investigate this and hope you won't stumble upon such a video file ;)
  • There's an IMDb ID auto-detect from .NFO files, if it fails you'll have to add the IMDb ID yourself. I wrote the IMDb communication class myself a long time ago, it needs an overhaul, will be done later. Basic functionality should be fine. It uses 'temp' subdirectory for caching HTML files and images retrieved from IMDb to improve performance. There's NO automatic cleanup, so you might considering cleaning that directory from time to time.
  • There's a hidden feature: clicking on the information panel (left of Exit button with 'Welcome ...' message) will refresh contents of Download/Upload? content view. This could come in handy when a long list of video files is being added and you want to see (or work with) the already added files or if you suspect a 'Refresh' hasn't been called when it should (app bug).