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TracLinks in reStructuredText

This document illustrates how to use the ..trac:: directive in reStructureThe page is written like


 * Tickets: :trac:`#1` or :trac:`ticket:1`
 * Ticket comments: :trac:`comment:ticket:1:2`
 * Reports: :trac:`{1}` or :trac:`report:1`
 * Changesets: :trac:`r1`, :trac:`[1]` or :trac:`changeset:1`
 * Revision log: :trac:`r1:3`, :trac:`[1:3]` or :trac:`log:@1:3`, :trac:`log:trunk@1:3`
 * Diffs (since version 0.10): :trac:`diff:@20:30`, :trac:`diff:tags/trac-0.9.2/wiki-default//tags/trac-0.9.3/wiki-default` or :trac:`diff:trunk/trac@3538//sandbox/vc-refactoring/trac@3539`
 * Wiki pages: :trac:`CamelCase` or :trac:`wiki:CamelCase`
 * Milestones: :trac:`milestone:1.0`
 * Attachment: :trac:`attachment:ticket:944:attachment.1073.diff`
 * Files: :trac:`source:trunk/COPYING`
 * A specific file revision: :trac:`source:/trunk/COPYING@200`
 * A particular line of a specific file revision: :trac:`source:/trunk/COPYING@200#L25`


Provided you have docutils installed, the above block will render as:


Note also that any of the above could have been written using the alternate syntax for roles:


See _`ticket:123`

 .. trac:: ticket:123 Ticket 123

See ticket:123

Ticket 123

The above form has the additional benefit of allowing you to specify an explicit label for the link.

See also: WikiRestructuredText, TracLinks