Programs, scripts, media players, media centers, codecs using API

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OpenSubtitles-API for Node.js Javascript Opensource
PhpshOpenSubtitles PHP Opensource
opensub4j - OpenSubtitles API for Java Java Opensource

Online sites

SubFinder Python Opensource

Programs and scripts

Zoom Player plug-in Delphi Opensource
ScalaSubFetcher Scala Opensource
SuboKatevatiri C# Opensource
Casub Java Closedsource
Subtitle Master Cocoa Closedsource
S-Subs command-line, Delphi Opensource
lm (list movies) command-line, Python Opensource
PySubD Python Opensource
SubsHub C# Opensource
SubDownloader Python Opensource
Oscar Delphi Opensource class
Delphi Implementation for the OpenSubtitles API (Work in progress) Delphi Opensource
OpenSubtitles Handler C# Opensource
AHD Subtitles Maker Professional C# Opensource
MySE Delphi Opensource class
FatRat Download Manager C++ Opensource
DreamLegendador Realbasic Opensource tools Python Opensource
KDE download_opensubtitle KDE Service menu, Python Opensource
GNOME download_opensubtitle Gnome, Nautilus Script, Python Opensource
Subdl command-line, Python Opensource
Subtitles Matcher Firefox extension XUL Opensource
Subtitle Java Applet Java Opensource
Subtitle Downloader Desktop Application Java Opensource
XBOX - OpenSubtitles – XBMC video plugin Python Opensource
Periscope CLI, Nautilus integration, python module, Python Opensource
LocalMovieDB Python Opensource
Undertext for Mac OS X Ruby Opensource
Subtitle It Ruby Opensource
MovieJukebox Java Opensource
FileBot Java Opensource
OpenSubtitles OSD - XBMC, Plex...script Python Opensource
SubtitleTools C# Opensource
QNapi C++ Opensource
SubIt Python Opensource
ElisaPluginSubtitles C# Opensource
OpenSubtitlesSearch C++ Opensource
VLSub (script for VLC) Lua Opensource
Subtitles finder (script for VLC) Lua Opensource
Subs Downloader dreambox/enigma 2 Python Opensource
Vuze subtitle plugin Java Opensource
ruby-osdb Ruby Opensource
SubtitleDawn C++ Builder Opensource
Subtitle Monster C# Opensource
Find Subtitles GTK Dialog/SH Opensource
Subtle C++ wrapper C++ Opensource
ASyncSubtitles Java/Android wrapper Java Opensource
Search & Download subtitle Python Opensource
Async Subtitles Java Closedsource
MightySubs (Android) Java Closedsource
My Movie Manager VB6 Closedsource
Portitle C# Closedsource
SubsLauncher (Android) (Android) Java Closedsource
SubSeeker C# Closedsource
Subtitles Wizard (Mac OSX) Cocoa Closedsource
SubsMarine (Mac OSX) Cocoa Closedsource
Easy Subtitles Synchronizer .NET Closedsource
SubiT Python Closedsource
SolEol (Formerly HdP) Realbasic/Xojo? Closedsource
Zasyzacz napisow (win extension) C++ ???
VrokSub C# ???
Subtitles Viewer (iOS app) Cocoa Closedsource
Forta Delphi Closedsource
SubScope CLI Python Opensource
OpenSubtitles Searcher Java Opensource
Atlas Subtitler Visual C# Closedsource
Subtitles (Android App) Java Closedsource
Subtle C# Opensource
Opensubtitles-Uploader Javascript Opensource
Supertitle Objective C Closedsource
GetSub Desktop Node.JS Opensource
Subtitles Downloader (Android) Groovy Closedsource
Autosub (English and Dutch subdownloader for Series) Python Opensource
Subber Python Closedsource
Shenshou download script Lisp Opensource

Media Players, Media Centres and Codecs

Infuse for iOS and Apple TV Cocoa Closedsource
Plex C++ Python Closed and Opensource
Media Player Classic C++ Opensource
aTV Flash (black) for Apple TV 2 Cocoa Closedsource
Media Player Classic Home Cinema C++ Opensource
SMPlayer C++ Opensource
Bomi C++ Opensource
Boxee C++ Opensource
ExMplayer C++ Opensource
Kantaris Media Player C++ Opensource
SwissCenter PHP Opensource
Open Subtitles MKV Player Delphi Closedsource
AllPlayer Delphi Closedsource
Dzobias RAR Player C++ Closedsource
BS.Player C++ Closedsource
BESTplayer Delphi Closedsource
FFDshow C++ Closedsource
Popcorn Time JavaScript? Opensource
SubRT Player C# Closedsource
C Media Player C++ Closedsource

Hardware players

Boxee Box
Popcorn Hour
Synology NAS running Video Station 1.4 or higher

Mobile applications

Learn by Subtitles
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