Command-line parameters

"oscar.exe [files] [options] [switches] [files]" where:

[files] is any number of video files or folders

[options] are:

  • /search - automatically start 'Search', currently disabled (g2v9)
  • /upload - go to 'upload' mode, all [files] following with option will be added to 'Upload' view
  • @files.omh - import video files from the list files.omh
  • /ilang:xx - start GUI in specified language, xx is the ISO639-2 language code
  • /server:n - set remote OSDb server to n-th server in the list in 'Preferences'

[switches] will be implemented later (e.g. switch on/off recursive adding of video files, etc.)


  • /ilang:sk - start GUI in slovak language
  • /search movie1.avi /upload movie2.avi @movies.omh - will add movie1.avi to 'Download' view, movie2.avi to 'Upload' view and also import video list movies.omh into 'Upload' view
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