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     1= Instructions =
     3[[PageOutline(2, Sections)]]
     5This is a help page for users seeking information on how to use this application.
     7Page currently in development.
     9== Download ==
     10  * Check "Template" setting in [wiki:OscarPreferences "Preferences"] tab (used for naming subtitle files
     11  * Drag and drop your video files/directories into this window or click the "Add" button (menu on the right)
     12  * Wait until all video files are added
     13  * To start the search for subtitles press the "Search" button (magnifying glass icon in lower right corner or press Ctrl+S
     14  * Wait until the search results are displayed
     15  * Select subtitle files you want to download then press the "Download" button (blue arrow in lower right corner)
     16  * Wait for the last time until all subtitle files are downloaded from the server
     17  * Subtitle files are usually stored in same directory as your video file.
     19  [[Image(download_instructions.gif)]]
     21== Upload ==
     23  * First select language for subtitle files you''re going to upload (in the combobox in the left upper corner)
     24  * Then drag video files/directories into this window or choose "Add" button (menu on the right)
     25  * If your subtitle files aren't detected automatically, check "Template" setting in [wiki:OscarPreferences "Preferences"] tab
     26  * Add subtitle file manually (if needed) by right-clicking a video file and choosing "Add subtitle file"
     27  * When ready, right-click a movie and choose "Upload"
     29  [[Image(upload_instructions.gif)]]
     31  * Fill-in the form (release name, name of translator goes into the 'Comment' field along with other useful info) and confirm (green OK button)
     33  [[Image(upload_details.gif)]]